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Daylighting factor needed for a healthy life

The availability of natural light is one of the most valued living conditions to evaluate the comfort of a house or space. The natural light that comes from the sun's rays benefits us more than we think. People who live in hot climates, or with more hours of sunshine tend to suffer less health problems. Among the multiple benefits we find:




1. Activates defenses

Sun can increase the number of white blood cells (neutrophils and lymphocytes) that are the first line of defense of our body.

2. Better mood

According to the study published in the scientific journal "The Lancet", sun's radiation affects serotonin. In addition, sunlight helps prevent the onset of stress, anxiety and depression, as well as regulate sleep.

3. Bones

Vitamin D is essential for the mineralization of bones and teeth. The powerful rays of the sun are responsible for activating it.

4. Antidepressant

Natural light reduces eye strain and irritability, this is why it is considered an antidepressant

The benefits of natural lighting are not only because of the amount and type of light, there are also other effects. When a light reflector is installed on top of an atrium, the result is not limited to an amazing increase in the level of lighting inside the courtyard. It also happens that throughout the day the rays reflected in the walls are moving, causing pleasant sensations that result in the well-being of the residents in the spaces adjacent to the patio.


Natural lighting improves productivity and efficiency

Natural light causes positive effects on the productivity of employees who perform their activity indoors. If we analyze the performance in the activity of people who work or spend many hours in a building with natural lighting, the results are: a reduction in reading effort, greater concentration in work, better efficiency of students in a school or improvements in hospital patients.


From a business point of view, it is shown that this greater well-being of employees working with natural light produces an increase in their productivity. The benefit is not limited to higher performance in workers, it also results in a greater sale in the commercial sector.


If we think that citizens spend more than 90% of their lives inside their homes and buildings, we will realize the importance and benefits of natural light. Improving people's lives and increasing productivity make our work in Deplosun meaningful.


Iluminación natural, la alternativa que respeta el medioambiente

Artificial lighting is more than 30% of total energy consumption in buildings, and with the current need to reduce electricity consumption for environmental reasons, it is advisable to use alternatives to artificial lighting.

As we know, the solution is to use sunlight to the fullest, an inexhaustible and free source of light. For this reason, the use of natural lighting systems has become a key factor in architectural design. Until recently it all depended on the good orientation of the building, the courtyards, and the light entrances on facades such as windows and skylights, but the performance of these systems is insufficient and we need new natural lighting systems, such as light tubes and solar reflectors . Natural lighting projects can save up to 40% of the building's consumption.

The optimization of natural light inside buildings should be one of the main requirements in its design. It is a functional requirement that must be taken into account from the beginning of the project, with the help of specialists in natural lighting, such as Deplosun.

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