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DEPLOSUN  is a company born in Barcelona the designs and manufactures systems to improve the natural lighting of spaces and save energy in buildings. The tubular skylights and solar reflectors Deplosun provide natural light to spaces without windows or in low light.
The Deplosun team consists of engineers with over 20 years of experience in the field of natural lighting and industrial design. 
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Natural lighting systems, beyond energy saving 

Daylighting is Deplosun core business, our mission is the introduction of natural daylight inside inner building spaces in the most efficient way.

Deplosun sun pipes are innovative daylighting systems that capture sun rays through glass skylight domes located in the roof and transports them many meters inside down through high reflectivity aluminum tube, bringing daylight to building inner spaces. Reflectors are advanced daylighting systems which capture the sun rays in the upper part of atrium and redirect sunlight into the atrium below, increasing dramatically daylighting levels. Along the day, with the passing hours, the result is ray motion inside the atria, which provide wellness sensations to building users.

Deplosun has focused in innovation and design, dedicating very important resources to R+D+I, as the only way to offer its customers the best and always updated product in the market.

As a result of this effort we have, firstly, “Deplosun Tubos de Luz” sun pipes, which doubles conventional sun pipe performance. Secondly, the innovative “Deplosun Patios” skylight reflectors patent, which increase atrium lighting level around seven times.

Deplosun consulting and Deplosun daylighting systems technology ensures efficiency and success of any building daylighting design. Final results are brightening areas, full of live thanks to sun light and lighting energy consumption reduction of up to 45%-50%.

If we want to be efficient, we must think about the impact of the use the resources in the manufacturing of the system, choosing raw materials and designing processes in terms of sustainability.

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